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Florida Blue Medicare Options.

If you are turning 65, and you are eligible for Medicare, you need to know your options.
Contact one of our licensed agents to go over the different plans that are available to you by calling 772 600 8020.  Our agents will help you find a plan that fits your needs and budget.  

Are you over 65 and want to discuss your Medicare options?
Open Enrollment for Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Prescription Plans begins October 15th through December 7.  During this period, you can change your Medicare Advantage Plan and/or Medicare Prescription plan. Call one of our licensed agents to review your options with you. 

What are Medicare Supplement Plans?

This type of insurance supplements, or helps fill the gaps, in Original Medicare. Since Medicare wasn’t created to cover all health care expenses, you can purchase a Medicare Supplement plan, often referred to as Gap-Plan, in addition to Original Medicare. Medicare pays 80% of what it allows, and the Medicare supplement picks up the other 20%. 

What are Medicare Advantage plans?

Medicare Advantage plans are part of the Medicare program and represent an additional coverage option. A Medicare Advantage plan replaces Original Medicare. With a Medicare Advantage plan, you will receive coverage for all Part A and Part B-covered services. And most Medicare Advantage plans include Part D drug coverage. Private organizations like insurance companies contract with Medicare on a yearly basis in order to offer Medicare Advantage plans. Some additional benefits, such as Vision, Hearing and Dental are also added to these plans at no additional cost.

What are Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (Medicare Part D)?

Part D prescription drug plans (also called PDPs) are the most recent addition to Medicare. Part D was created to help people with Medicare be able to afford prescription drugs they may need now or in the future. This coverage can help reduce your costs for medications and is available only from private insurance companies or organizations, such as Florida Blue.